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lamptrimmers's Journal

Trim My Lamp - a Kyle/Tess community
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a community for fans of Kyle Valenti and Tess Harding from Roswell
This is a community for fans of the Roswell characters Kyle Valenti and Tess Harding, and the awesome relationship we know they should have had. Anything goes in this community - post your K/T fics, fic recommendations, challenges, fan art, icons, picspams, etc.

  • THE CHARACTERS/SHIP - You must like the idea of Kyle and Tess being together. I don't expect everyone to be militant lamptrimmers but there's no point in joining if you don't like the Kyle/Tess pairing. No bashing of the characters on their own either (join an anti-Tess comm for that shit, ok?).
  • ICONS - If you are posting icons, please ensure that all are of at least one of the following: Kyle/Tess, Kyle or Tess on their own, Emilie de Ravin, Nick Wechsler, or of Kyle and Tess with other characters from Roswell. I don't want to see it here if it's not K/T or at least Roswell related, there are numerous other LJ communities that cater to other fandoms. I don't mind if other Roswell characters or couples are featured, as long as there are some K/T icons in the mix.
  • FICS - Plagiarism won't be tolerated and will result in an immediate banning from the group. All stories posted should be under a cut and include a rating, summary, disclaimer and a warning if any unconventional couples are featured. It should go without saying that any fics posted will be primarily lamptrimmer focused or have a strong lamptrimmer sub plot.

    interlinea for the custom CSS layout, with the header and background pattern by me.

    guerin_love emilieicontest fateoverdestiny

    If you have a Roswell-related community and would like to become an affiliate, please comment on this entry.

    Just a reminder to anyone passing by that membership for lamptrimmers is already open, there's no need to ask if you can join. So go ahead and join in the lamptrimming fun!